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Your vision. Your life. You can choose to make excuses of why you cannot pursue it or you can find solutions to go for it. It is your choice.

We are releasing vision

Your choice, your life, your vision, starts here!

Your Vision. Your Life. Your Destiny. Your Purpose. Your Choice

Vision is not limited. Vision has no boundaries. Vision is your foreseeable fantasy; a flight of the imagination forecast that is an embodiment of your perfect self.


Norris Dupree’s overall purpose in ministry is to assist individuals and systems in making a positive shift by engaging their minds in revelatory knowledge of concepts that promote spiritual and personal development. Norris Dupree has a unique way of delivering the word of God and helping individuals to apply it to their everyday life. While simultaneously pursuing vision, his style is not only uplifting, it is encouraging and rejuvenates people to continue pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.