Purpose is found through the pursuit of the individual.

Your Vision. Your Life. Your Destiny. Your Purpose. Your Choice

Vision encompasses values, beliefs, talents, gifts, and shared experiences.  It is the way we look at our ideal self with no blemishes, mistakes or disappointments.  Vision operates from meaningful experiences, overflow of resources, fulfilling relationships, physical and mental wellness, and self-confidence. Vision is a place where we see ourselves operating with efficiency and without barriers. – Norris D. DuPree Jr.

A well-conceived vision consists of two components: A core ideology-defines what we stand for and why we exist; and envisioned future-what we aspire to become, to achieve , to create –something that will require significant change and progress to attain (Harvard Business Review on Change 1998)

In relation to Vision, what type of person are you:

  • A person who is pursuing or working towards their Vision?
  • A person who has lost track of Vision due to life circumstances?
  • A person who has no Vision at all?
Vision shows you three things about yourself:

  1. Who you are now
    1. Purpose and Meaning
  1. Your potential about the future
    1. Engages you in your Journey
    2. Your destiny is a series of destination points while on the journey
  1. The things that you need to work on


The clutter in your life can range from emotional toxins, addictions, distractions, low self-image(s) and thinking errors. These things were cultivated and nourished through life’s circumstances.   Unfortunately, these circumstances have a way of cultivating our mind and attitudes which is reflective in our behaviors. This emotional clutter creates an impasse while pursuing goals and understanding purpose. Life’s clutter will impede your ability to see yourself as God sees you.  In order to move forward, we need to clear out the clutter in our lives so our concept of self will not be impeded by bad experiences and mental shackles that restrict our pursuit of VISION.

Whether you are a CEO, housewife, football player, pastor, or in the entertainment industry, before you can develop a personal VISION, you need to clear out life’s clutter.  You have the ability to shape and fashion your life.  It is up to you to take responsibility for your life.  The first step in taking responsibility is holding yourself accountable for the information that you receive. The second step is applying that positive information in all aspects of your life.

The Mask You Wear

Understanding the totality of self becomes essential in pursuing VISION. Sometimes our pain can be our biggest device that hinders us from seeing ourselves doing greater things or achieving our VISION.

We use defensive mechanisms as a way of self-preservation. The mask that you created in life is to protect your vulnerabilities and what you want others to perceive. The mask can be scary because there are imperfections, low self-esteem, inferiority, bad habits, and addictions that can be hidden.

What is it that you hide behind? Is it your smile, emotions, looks, talents, intellect, anointing, title, position, or your athletic ability?